The Sims™ Castaway Stories – PC

The Sims™ Castaway Stories

Help your Sims thrive and survive when they wash ashore on an uncharted island. Create your Sims and guide them through an even deeper, directed Story mode, taking on a variety of challenges as you help them build their new life from scratch. Meet the natives, discover the hidden mysteries of the island, befriend new animals, and unlock rewards as your Sim achieves set goals. In open-ended Free Play mode, design your Sims and their shelters, explore the island, tell your own unique story. However you play, count on many unexpected twists and turns as you decide how their stories unfold.

Brand New Environment to Play In
Play exciting new story adventures as a castaway on a desert island who needs to survive and thrive. Create and customise your Sims and play through 24 whole new dynamic chapters. Adopt an orangutan, fight off wolves, and choose your own romantic interest, taking on an adventure that is completely your own.

Tell Your Own Story, Over and Over Again
Create multiple profiles and tell a new, unique story every time.

Two Fun New Ways to Play
All new directed Story mode and classic Free-play mode

It’s Never Been Easier to Play on Your Laptop
Featuring simple shortcuts and an all-new auto-pause that lets you start and stop easily when opening/closing your laptop.

Be Creative While Staying Connected
Easily stay in touch with friends by using your own IM & email while playing the game in its own window.

Part of a Fun New Product Line
The Sims Stories line also includes The Sims Life Stories and The Sims Pet Stories.

Shipwrecked and Single
In “Shipwrecked and Single” mode, the player is subjected to a scenario-driven style of gameplay. The player must choose to play as David Bennett, Jessica Knight, or create a customized Sim, who boards a cruise ship for singles named Solomon Queen, only to have it crash and leave them drifting on the ocean clinging to a crate. The crate happens to float onto land, after which the player is left to help the Sim survive. This game is very controlled.

Wanmami Island
Gameplay on Wanmami Island is much more open-ended, enabling gameplay reminiscent of more traditional Sims games. The player is allowed to design their own Family and start Jobs as in The Jobs 5, The Jobs 6 & The Jobs 7.

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