CleanTalk Spam Protection

Our website and all created sites are protected by CleanTalk Antispam. This plugin is one of the best of it’s kind for combating the inevitable spam that all websites, forums, blogs and other message boards attract. Spam is by far the largest problem for interactive communities on the internet, and most spam accounts and spam posts/comments are posted by ‘bots’, or automated posting programs. CleanTalk aims to identify these and stop them before they get through, and so far it’s been pretty effective.

CleanTalk is enabled on all created A-Sims blogs, so this should help cut down on the amount of time spent in deleting spam members and posts/comments. These things can be a plague without protection, and we want our members to enjoy their website, not become bogged down with inappropriate postings and annoying members.

We’d be very interested to know if you think this plugin has been effective in combatting spam on your website, so please feel free to comment if you feel it has (or hasn’t!).

Thank you for reading.

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