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Welcome to A-Sims. We offer free hosting for anyone who wants to run their own Sims related website. Our software is WordPress based, so very easy to use, and we have many themes and plugins so you can get your website just how you want it. Click here for a demonstration website.

Free websites come with 100 MB of space, more than enough for thousands of posts, as long as your images and downloads are hosted offsite.

Please see our frequently asked questions in our forums for more information on our free hosting. We are also hoping to build up a community on this website…we have forums, groups, friends, private messaging and much more, if all you want to do is make some new friends, there’s no obligation to sign up for a website if you don’t want one.

If you do want a site, there is the option to upgrade for more space, themes and plugins. Just ask if you need any help by using our contact link above, or our forums.

We look forward to making your acquaintance. ­čÖé


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